Hello again! Hopefully I didn’t keep you too long this time.

I had drawn Kanna a while back as a simple sketch paint and it was ok… but I had seen a few videos of Kanna while watching Youtube, and I got a feeling to draw her again.

This time I wanted to try and show off her legs and ass, as long with a good creampie scene. It was difficult to work with Kanna’s expressions as she’s fairly stoic in character… so I hope I did her justice here.

Anyway, it was a fun picture. Please enjoy and I will continue to work on my large Tanya project, and hopefully have a Christmas picture out too.

Happy fapping!

こんにちは! 大変お待たせ致しました。


この絵では太もも、お尻をきれいに、中出しを表現したかったです。 カンナちゃんの顔はちょっと難しいけど。。。顔の表現は大分ストイックなのですごく頑張ったです。

とにかく楽しい絵でした。 それで私はターニャのCGセットに進んでクリスマス絵を作業して頑張りたいと思います。


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