Dick and Treat ディックアンドトリート

Hello! Here are my OCs in a Halloween setting. I barely managed to get a Halloween picture out, and it was very stressful….

I didn’t get one out last year and I kinda felt bad about that. This year I wanted to do it, but I did not give myself enough time to really clean things up sadly. It was a good attempt under a short deadline (for me), but I feel like it could use another few days/ a week to get things tidied up.

Oh well that’s alright, I’ll see if I can do better on a Christmas one if I have time!

Anyway, happy fapping and please enjoy!

こんにちは! ハロウィーン雰囲気で私のオリキャラです。 ハロウィーン絵はすごく大変でしたw。 間に合わないと思ったけど丁度一番最後の日に。。。

去年ハロウィーン絵できなかったので今年やろうと思ったけど、もっときれいにしたかったけど時間が足りなかったです。 短い間でいい絵と思いますがもっとクオリティーを上げたかったですね。。。



A good night.

2 thoughts on “Dick and Treat ディックアンドトリート

    1. Thank you! I love my OCs, they’re great and I like to draw them. I had to do this Halloween one just because I like Halloween a lot, I’ll have another one planned for this year too.

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