The Alchemist and the Slave

Hello! It has been a little while, I hope you all didn’t miss me too much lol.

This is a picture I did for a little contest for a friend’s visual novel titled “The Alchemist and the Slave”. It is a story about you (the Alchemist), who is going to purchase a choice of one of the four slaves here.

It seems I will be doing the artwork for it, so I hope it to be a fun project in the meantime.

If you’d like to play the game (there is no artwork currently in the game except for this image), please check out the Subscribestar page for the project:

That aside, I am hoping to get a Halloween picture out if I can in time before the end of the month. In addition to that, I have been busy with another Tanya project (hence why I have had no updates for a while).

While I can’t get specific about the Tanya project, I can say it might be larger than the Pregnant Wedding set.

Anyway, please enjoy and happy fapping!

こんにちは! お久しぶりです。 寂しかったかなw。 


ストーリーは主人公(錬金術師)は奴隷を一人選ぶの話です。 それで私はゲームのイラストを作業することになりました。 



ちなみにハロウィーン絵(ロリウィーン)絵をするつもりありますが間に合うかな。。。 さらにまた幼女戦記の絵を作業中です。 詳細はまだ秘密ですが「妊娠結婚」のセットより多いかもしれません。


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