Konatan こなたん

Hello again, this was a little side thingy I did while working on Takagi.

I had an interesting time with it and I simplified some of the colors used. It might feel a little more bright or richer than usual, but I wanted to try something a little bit different with my progression sets.

Even though I did something from Lucky Star, I actually didn’t watch much of it back when it came out, as I had a hard time latching onto it… I suppose the talk about eating different types of food kinda turned me off, lol.

However, I did really enjoy the character designs, and well I think Konata is someone that everyone wants to bang.

Also, I will be closing commissions for a little while, after I wrap up what commissions I have left. I’d like to continue working on some personal projects and some voted projects that I never got around to doing.

With these personal projects and left over commissions, I will be trying to shift my style to a more painterly feel in terms of color and execution. I don’t know how successful I will be, but I will do my best.

Anyway, please enjoy and happy fapping!

やあこんにちは。 これは前の高木絵と同時に描いてみた絵です。

すごく勉強になりまして色を単純化を試してみました。 普通より少し違うのをやってみようと思って色が明るい、フラットな感じがするかもしれません。 どう思いますか?

実はらき☆すたの絵なのにアニメが出たときに、あんまり興味がなかったんですw。 何回見ても”これはちょっとかな。。。”って感じと覚えてます。 食べ物の食べ方とかはちょっと。。。。

だけど、 キャラのデザインはすごくかわいいね。 みんなさんはとくにこたんとエッチしたかったんでしょうねw。

さらに一応依頼を止めてしまいます。 残り依頼を澄まして個人的な作業をやってみたいと思います。

その残り依頼と個人的なものでもう少し画風を技術的に移動してみたいと思います。 成功になるかは知りませんけど頑張りたいと思います。


2 thoughts on “Konatan こなたん

    1. Why thank you! I appreciate the kind words. It was a good picture set, although she doesn’t look exactly like in the anime, it was a tough battle to get the mixture right.

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