Tanya ターニャ

Alrighty! This one was a bit of an experiment with content and some style choices.

As I kept drawing this idea and picture, I found that the picture was asking me to sluttify Tanya. No matter how many times I tried to change it or work around it, the picture wanted me to draw it this way, lol.

So, I did my best with the situation and I tried to make a bit naughty.

I hope that you enjoy it, and happy fapping!

やあこんにちは。 またターニャちゃんを描いてみたけど今回は下品なテーマと画風テックを試してみました。

作業中、何回アイディアを編集しても絵は私に「下品で描いて!」と頼みましたw。 それで全力でいやらしく描いてみた。


6 thoughts on “Tanya ターニャ

  1. Oh boy, quite a few in-jokes here XD So much so that I appreciate them even more than the actual porn aspect here.
    What got me most though was Ainz Seal of Approval. Just imagine him checking her out beforehand, pulling that thing from a sheet and sticking it there in an overly serious fashion while Demiurge is commenting on it.

    1. lol! Thank you for the kind words and compliments on my picture.

      Indeed, some of my stream viewers gave me suggestions as I went along with the picture, and it turned out quite nice. So I have them to thank for it!

      That Ainz seal was a real pain in the butt to edit… but I felt like it was worth it and it would have been a nice little inside joke too.

      Anyway, I am pleased that you enjoyed it. It was a fun picture.

  2. I haven’t looked at all your art but I’ve looked at a lot and I can say that the speech bubbles make it much better and the art is amazing though I think that the glitter under the eyes isn’t needed it looks better plain in my opinion though if you want to draw like that go ahead

    1. Oh thank you! I do my best and I still feel like I’ve got a lot to learn for my art, but thank you for the kind words.

      Yeah, I can see that. This picture was an interesting one for me, as I feel like it was half of a ‘muse’ that led me to make it as it is. A lot of the decisions made in this image were spur of the moment, and the eye glitter was one of them, lol.

      I tried to stay away from the speech bubbles as of recently since I felt like I needed to concentrate more on making the pictures less reliant on text as they were. Perhaps later I will add in more text, but I’d like to play around with just the images as they are for now.

    1. Thank you! This one is more of my fappable pictures for myself. Tanya being a damn good slut in a gloryhole. It’s great stuff, and I’m glad you like it.

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