Pregnant Wedding 妊娠結婚

Here it is! It took so much longer than I had expected… but I am glad to be done with it.

22 images plus some unused sketches, it was a great project and I am going to kind of miss it… but I will be happy that it is done.

Anyway… the scenario here is that Tanya must use every available tool she has to move up into the ranks, and with her newfound body, this does not seem to be a problem in this era of time!

Of course she gets angry and doesn’t want to do these things necessarily, but… everyone has their price and this is the price for safety!

Please enjoy, and happy fapping! Sorry for the wait again, and let me know what you guys think.

Interestingly enough… I happen to be posting this in the middle of the COVID situation, so hopefully this little picture set can give you something to pass the time with. If you have to go outside amidst this pandemic, stay safe, be patient with people you interact with, and don’t forget to be a nice human being to your fellows! We’ll make it through if we cooperate!

やあ、やっとできました! 思ったより時間がかかりましたが。。。完成の幸せですw。


とにかく絵のシナリオはターニャちゃんはランクを上げるために女の武器を使わなくちゃいけません。 異世界なので問題なさそうですねw。 


さてどうぞ楽しんでシコいてください^^。 意見があればどうぞ教えてください。

COVIDの状態で絵をアップするのタイミングが変だと思いますがロックダウンされた人にこの絵で少しだけ時間を過ごすといいな。 もし外に出たりしたら気を付けてください。 協力すればこのパンデミックはもうすぐに終わるでしょう。

10 thoughts on “Pregnant Wedding 妊娠結婚

  1. I’m not a fan of impregnation (especially with lolis) but this is nonetheless the best Tanya art I’ve seen in months.
    Well done. Thank you for this and stay safe, sound and virus free.

    1. Why thank you! I worked really hard on this set and I am very happy to see people enjoying it. I just want everyone to enjoy a good fap, and well I like to draw Tanya too, so it seems to work out nicely.

      I didn’t think I’d enjoy drawing preggo lolis really until I tried… I kinda like it, not on a hardcore fetish level, but for some reason I like how it looks visually. I don’t think it means anything that I’ll switch to preggo as a main, as I really enjoy drawing stomach and chest anatomy on lolis, but it is a nice diversion from the norm.

      Thank you, I will try to be safe. You too, and we’ll get through this!

  2. Yo this is amazing keep up the good work my man it was so good I had to favorite it so I could use it again but I want to know what the paper said

    1. Sure! Thank you for the kind words. The paper says “Backline Transfer Approval”. I was trying to build a little bit of a situation for Tanya to use her ‘tools’ to get her to safety.

      I’m happy that you like the set. I worked very hard on it, so I appreciate the approval!

    1. lol, good question.

      I had not intended on anything specific aside of just having the viewer imagine it. But I can say the feeling I had while drawing it was sort of an “Uh oh” moment combined with feeling good from the momentary sex.

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