Crim クリム

Well! It took me a little while to do this picture, but I think I’ve grasped some nice techniques and improvements to keep going with my art!

Anyway, I based this picture off of Ishuzoku Reviewers (Interspecies Reviewers). It is unfortunate that it had been taken off of Funimation and Tokyo MX.. but the internet will still find a way to watch it…

This picture has a basis in the third episode I believe (the gender swap episode), and I imagined Crim’s pussy to be very cute, puffy and smooth, so I hope I did it justice here!

Anyway, please enjoy and happy fapping!

Also! I’m almost done with Tanya… sorry for the delay. It’s been taking me forever, but I am on the final stretch, I promise!

See you next update!

あれ? 時間がかかりました。。。がいいテックを手に入れたと思います! 塵も積もれば山となる!

ネットで聞きましたけど異種族レビュアーズは米国と日本(TokyoMX)でもう放送してない状態になりました。 あれは残念だけど。。。 本当に面白そうなアニメです!




そうだ。 申し訳ないんですがターニャちゃんのエロ差分はあともう少しです^^; もう。。。ずっと描いていたみたいですけどゴール見えてきたよ! あともう少し!

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