Tsuyu Asui 蛙吹梅雨

Hello again, I apologize for the delay!

It has been a long time in the works, but here she is. This was a picture voted by my Discord members, and it was a little experimental, but I think I found my baseline standard.

I have been saying this frequently (finding my style and such) a lot in the previous posts, and it has been quite a challenge to come to terms with what I want to do.

But, I feel that this is the level where I need to be and strive for. Of course, I feel like I will continue to adapt and change over time, however this type of artwork will be my baseline.

Anyway, please enjoy this picture! Tiddy is not my forte, but I enjoy drawing it too. I like big tiddies and no tiddies it seems…..

See you next picture!

やあこんにちは! 大変お待たせいたしました。

長い間で描いてやっと完成をできました。  これは私のDiscordサーバーのメンバは投票したキャラクターです。 これで基本的な画風をやっと見つけましたでしょう。


とにかく絵を楽しんでください^^。 おっぱいを描くのは弱点だと思いますが。。。楽しいです。 巨乳と貧乳(フラット)だけが好きみたいです。。。w

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