Oh man! It has been a very crazy past few weeks for me, many ups and downs in the emotional space, but all is well now.

But! I think I am starting to figure out rendering more the way I want to do it.

This picture is very experimental however I feel it is very close to where I want to be for an artistic basis for the time being. Of course, one must always continue to learn and to evolve as time goes on, but only recently can I say I am beginning to be ‘happy’ with my work overall.

Of course, there are many refinements that I need to work on, but I am getting it one step at a time.

Anyway, please enjoy this picture and I hope you can find it pleasing in some way!

あら! 先の数週間はクレイジーだって。。。感情的上がりや下がりがいっぱいあったんだけど今は良さそうです。

しかし! 私のやりたい塗り方、画風をもっとわかってきたと思います。




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