Android 21 ・人造人間21号

Hello again! I have recently finished a new picture featuring Android 21. I wanted to draw more girls with big boobies, and I also really wanted to draw her when she was released, but I wasn’t as good at the time.

I usually don’t like paizuri as well, however I figured that boobie lovers would like it, and I wanted to make a picture that would make me like paizuri.

Anyway, please enjoy! I might make a part two featuring sex with her if I have the time.

Happy fapping!

こんにちは! 人造人間21号を描きました! もっとおっぱい娘を描きましょうと決定しましたが21号もずっと描きたかったんです。 21号の出たときに画力が今より弱かったので遠慮しました。


とにかく楽しんでください^^。 パート2を描くの可能性がありますが時間によります。

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