Follower Appreciation / フォロワーさんに感謝

Hello! Sorry for the delay in getting this out, but it is finally complete!

This was a very fun picture, and perhaps my most ambitious one yet. It took quite a while to figure things out, but I am glad that I made it through the struggle.

Since the follower poll had reached a tie between Tanya and Shalltear, here is the result! I had remembered that there is going to be a crossover event with Overlord, Re:Zero, Slime, and Youjo Senki, so I figured that doing a crossover picture might be a good idea in this case!

As for the content in the picture, I put Shalltear on top because I think she would be far stronger than Tanya, and I like to bully Tanya because she deserves it so much. I had thrown in a small lesbian scene as well since I am under the impression that Shalltear and Tanya both prefer women, but I don’t know too much about the details outside of that.

Anyway, this picture is to show my appreciation for you all: viewers, followers and those who have commissioned me! I am very happy that you all enjoy my artwork, even though I feel it is not very good sometimes… I keep reaching higher and higher, and I want to provide you all with the best fapping experience that I can produce.

I want to make it as a hentai artist, and as such I keep on going forward. But I could not do it without you all! I really appreciate you all taking time out of your schedules to look at my stuff! It means a lot to me and I hope that you can continue to look forward to what I produce next!

Onwards and upwards!

こんにちは! 大変お待たせいたしました! やっと完成です!

これは今までの一番楽しく悔しく意欲的な絵だったかもしれませんw。 大分時間がかかりましたけど頑張ったので嬉しいです。

フォロワーさんの投票はシャルティアとターニャの引き分けになったため二人を描きました。 「異世界かるてっと」のイベントが来るそうですのでクロスオーバー絵を描いてみようと考えておきました。

絵のコンテンツについてはシャルティアはターニャより強いと思うし私もターニャのことをいじめるのが好きですのでターニャは下になりましたw。 悪い子にお仕置き! オーバーロードと幼女戦記の原作は全然知りませんですけどどこかで二人ともの性的な好みは女子だと聞きましたので一枚レズ絵を追加しました。 

とにかくこの絵セットはフォロワーさん、閲覧者、依頼者に感謝したいの絵です! 私の絵を見ていただいて本当にありがとうございました! 私の絵は下手だと思いますけど本当に感謝してます。 もっと上手になりたい、もっとみんなのシコることができるの絵を作りたい、エロ絵のプロになりたいです!

みんなさんのおかげでいけそうな感じがします。 次の作品を楽しんでください! あなたたちは最高です^^!

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