Raphtalia ラフタリア

Hello again, I know that between the previous post and this one there wasn’t a lot of time. I am experimenting with working on multiple projects simultaneously versus trying to complete one at a time for the time being. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, but it does keep me busy on many projects and I have many opportunities to learn new things relatively quickly. I also seem to get less ‘burnt out’ when trying to rush a single picture to completion, but I don’t know how effective this method will be in the long run. I’ll see how it goes for a while and change course accordingly.

Recently, I have been watching Shield Hero as it is broadcast on Crunchyroll and so far I have been enjoying it. I know that there is a manga about it, along with a light novel, but I have not heard of it until the anime started to come out.

As such, when I first saw that there was a loli racoon girl, I immediately wanted to draw her, and this was the result! I chose a straight on lighting theme with warmer skin colors to see how the effect would be, and I do like it a lot! It creates a very powerful effect for hentai viewing, but I don’t want to rely on it too much as to not try other types of lighting and coloring. However, I will use this type of lighting setup for any other straight on light pictures that I do! I like to say “If I can fap to it myself, then I figure I am on the right track!”

But… I am sad to hear that Raphtalia doesn’t stay a loli forever and I think this was a missed opportunity! So as Thanos would say:

Fine. I’ll do it myself.

こんにちは。 前のアップデートとこのアップデートの間に時間が少なかったね。 3-5絵作業を同時にやろうと体験してみてますがどうになるのかはまだだわかりません。 確かにこういう仕方ははやくいっぱい勉強になることがありますしそれと一つだけを作業するのは燃え尽き症候群はあんまりないですね。 弱点はちょっとおそくなるかもしてません。

最近Crunchyrollで盾の勇者を見てます。 面白いですね。 LNや漫画もあると知ってますが両方も読んだことがないしアニメが出る前も聞いたことがありません。 

それでラフタリアを見た途端に「絶対に描く!」と考えましたw。 結果はこの絵です。絵を塗ることは光はぱっと正面になって肌の色に温かい色を使いました。こういう風に塗るのはエロ絵には本当に強いと思いますが毎絵に頼らないです。 しかしこういう場合では絶対に使います。きれいになりましたね! 

ですが。。。 ロリラフタリアはもう消えてしまいますね。 これは本当に残念!機械を逃した! では。。。 この場合ではサノスのセリフを使おう:

もういい. 私が自分でやる!


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