Man, sorry for the delay.  It has been a while since I have posted something.  This picture took far longer than expected but I am very happy with the results.

I have my two FFXIV characters having a fun time on the beach!  This was a very erotic idea that I was excited to draw.  I think the results speak for themselves!

I have also been working on many small drawings, an animation, and requests for my stream viewers.  If you are interested in getting a chance at a free request, you should hop onto my stream channels:



I will do a raffle drawing for all viewers that are present in the stream.

The stream starts at 4 PM PST (11 PM GMT).

Please enjoy!



とにかくいろんな落書きをやって、アニメーションまでもやっていました。 最近、生配信でよく描いてます。

生配信で抽選リクエストゲームをやっています。 もしリクエストしたいことがあれば生配信に出席ください!



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