Roll! ロールちゃん!

This was the picture I started while I was doing the Earth-chan picture.

It took a while to complete but I got something decent out in time.

The picture was particularly challenging for me, since I had to focus on getting the skin shading and drawing the background.

I feel like I didn’t do a very good job on the background and the hair, but I’m working on improving that every day that I can.

Anyway, this picture was fun since I am a very big fan of the Megaman series.  Although I prefer the Megaman X series, I still enjoyed this picture a lot.  I wanted to draw Roll for a while and now I have the chance.

Please enjoy and happy fapping/viewing!



私的にはこの絵は特に難しい。 背景を描くの経験は少ないし、肌を塗りはもっと上手に描きたかったし、髪の毛はまあまあでした。。。 髪の毛を塗るのは自信がないよ。。。w 次の絵にも頑張ります! 頑張るしかない、もっと勉強しなくちゃいけません!



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