Sorry to keep you waiting!

This was a very interesting picture that I have been working on during other recent projects.

I took a slightly different approach with my rendering in this picture, focusing more on cleaner strokes and more edge control. I don’t think I was as successful as I would have liked, but I am happy with the results.

There was a lot of experimentation in this picture to find more the direction I want to go in for my art.

I’m not a huge fan of drawing blood in my pictures, but I know a lot of people enjoy virgin blood, so please enjoy what I could do with it.

For this picture, I wanted to show a real sense of fear of rape and impregnation, you could say the fear of “bad end”, and there would be no escape. I don’t usually like the darker themes like this, but for some reason I very much enjoy it when Tanya is the focus of the situation.

Anyway, please enjoy the picture and have a good fap from this one! It was a lot of work!

See you next picture!



普通よりちょっと違う塗り方を試してみまして硬いと柔らかい縁などに集中しました。それともう少しきれいに塗ってみました。 大成功ではないと思いますが結果は丁度いいかな?



とにかくこの絵のテーマは恐怖になりました。犯される、妊娠される、逃げる場所がないの恐怖のことでBadEndみたいなことですw。 あんまり暗いテーマが好きではないですがターニャなら何とか楽しめる感じがします。 ターニャをいじめるのが好きですw。

さてターニャを楽しんでください! この絵は大変な仕事でした!


2 thoughts on “Tanya

    1. Yes! Of course I will draw more Tanya. As of right now I don’t have any current plans to draw her again, but when the situation arises I will give her a shot again.

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